By Lee Stace

THE NEW Zealand Rugby Union’s decision to cap scores in junior rugby games is political correctness gone mad.

I can remember in my playing days copping a couple of massive hidings (it comes with the territory when you play for a social team who plays for fun rather than results).

Sure, the car ride home was often a quiet one, but did a fifty-point thrashing make me want to do a Fred Allen and hurl my boots into the Indian Ocean in disgust?

No siree, Bob. If anything, it made me and my teammates train harder so we avoided such drubbings in the future (sadly we took a couple of more spankings along the way).

I can understand the NZRU’s reasoning behind it to a certain degree. Big scores do nothing for the team dishing them out or for the side on the receiving end.

However, while losing is anything but beer and skittles, it is a part of everyday life. Children need to learn that things don’t always pan out he we want them to.

Wrapping rugrats up in cotton wool and protecting them from disappointment only makes things worse when things do hit the skids.

Surely there is a better option, like reducing the value of a try and conversion to two and one point respectively?

What do you think? Is the NZRU's decision PC gone mad?

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no tackling , and now no hidings?we"ve all played in those games , yeah its hard at the time, but its all part of rugby. Seems we have to mollycoddle kids in this day an age.
It might sound like pc again, but this is exactly how our national schools competition runs in England. Generally, you get some mismatches in the early rounds and the "cap" applies. The stronger teams go through and the weaker ones play the rest of their season against more appropriate opposition. Two issues here: one is keeping young players in the game (with a big choice of alternatives these days, not least sitting slumped in front of a tv set) and the second is for them to learn that the fun of rugby is in the playing, with winning a bonus.
Stephen Yetman
Welcome to the real world, there are winners and losers. Why do they need to cap the scores ? If your team loses by 130 points like Japan at the 1995 RWC it doesn't make the Japanese any less in terms of a nation; it's just the All Blacks are better rugby players. Maybe if a team loses by "too" much they are in the wrong grade and should drop a grade or two. I would have thought there would be a number of grading games at the beginning of the season to ensure teams are competitive in a grade.
What ball is played with this sport tennis.
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